Friday, October 16, 2009

sneak peek... and a question!

i'll be honest... i'm tired. i've painted 9 rooms in the last 2 months, plus 2 floors. it's totally worth it- the house is transforming with color & new floors & lights & cabinets. we're getting SO close to moving in, probably 2 more weeks. but i'm tired!

that's why this is a preliminary "AFTER" post- i did not dig up the BEFORE pictures, and obviously i haven't put any furniture or accessories in yet. that's much later! but you can look at the BEFORE post to compare & contrast... and i'll do some more formal posts once we have "stuff" in the house. enjoy!

this is the living room- formerly "the pink living room," now the calming shade of
sherwin-williams 'white hyacinth.'
looks boring in the photo- it's a yummy vanilla color, and i love it!

ironically, we had to paint another room a shade of pink very similar to the one i detested in the living room! this is my 3 year old daughter Caroline's room. the walls are sherwin-williams 'rosily,' and the floors are valspar's 'cottage white.'
i'm planning to put fabric & shelves in the old window space...

this is julia's room- light & bright, perfect for a little 1 year old! the color is 'sagey' by sherwin-williams. you can hardly tell that it's green in the photo, but it is! very light & sweet.

biggest transformation so far- the playroom! i got this idea from an article in Better Homes & Gardens (February 2009) in which Stephen Saint Onge redecorated an attic playroom in similar colors. i can't find a link to it right now, but i'll keep trying- his room was wonderful! this is the budget version- cheapo laminate floors, re-used trim, low ceilings, and 10 hours of me painting!
the colors are 'cloudless' and 'picnic' by sherwin-williams.

and now for the question- this is the light fixture in the dining room. (you can see the new dining room paint color in the background- still wet!) i can't afford a new chandelier right now... too many important projects going on at one time! i'm NOT a fan of the shiny brass. time for some spray paint- but which color? i was thinking of oil-rubbed bronze, but would that look funny with the gold paint on the ceiling? (yes, i'm leaving the ceiling alone. i want to see if i'm still okay with it in 6 months!) so would a matte black be appropriate for the light? or shiny black? what would you recommend?

now i really need to go to bed... or take a shower. probably a shower. : )




msrevolution said...

hey, i'm just now discovering your blog. boy, you've been busy! i LOVE the playroom colors, the painted floors in the kids' rooms, and the hyacinth living room. i can tell the house has good bones. as for the fixture, spray away! the oil rubbed bronze would be great. i can't tell exactly how much gold there is on the ceiling, but it looks minimal and also a little oil-rubbed itself... i'm so impressed with all you've done!

jamie said...

I love all of the work you have done! I have lived through an entire home renovation recently as well. Grueling....but so worth it! Especially when you can bring an old house to life!
I think that light fixture would be great in an oil rubbed bronze paint. I don't see the gold on the ceiling so I'm not sure how much clashing would be going on. In the past when I needed a new light fixture but didn't want to spend much money I have bid on bronze fixtures on ebay (always seem to go cheap) and then spray painted them in oil rubbed bronze before I hung them. I have a chandelier in my kitchen that only cost me $12 on ebay!
I can't wait to see your finished dining room1 I haven't even begun painting mine yet!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Yes, you have been one busy family! Regarding what finish for the light fixture, do you have other finishes already selected for the room? Drapery Hardware, door hardware, hardware in the house in general? That could help point you in the right direction...
Good luck with all your decision!!

Tisha said...

Super cute house! I have been thinking about the window that isn't in your daughter's room - wouldn't it make a great spot to put books - kind of like these PB shelves.
I feel very weird making a totally unsolicited comment on your post - hope you don't mind!

Cathy said...

I like the oil-rubbed bronze finish. I think it would look very nice with the gold. btw... slow down :) I am feeling like a bigger procrastinator than ever!

Wendy said...

Love the colors you picked out. I also like the painted floor! Sounds like you need a paint break!

Jen @ said...

It looks fantastic! I love painting but it is exhausting too. I would paint your light fixture a matte black or the oil rubbed bronze. I think that would be very classic and look fantastic.

It all looks great! Love the playroom too!


Vicci @theplaidbasket said...

Boy can I relate! You're doing a fantastic job...I LOVE the blue! We have been working on totally redoing our home that we bought 5 years ago and are STILL working on it! Sad part is, I'm already redoing so much of what we did at the beginning just cuz I was bored with the colors. My hat is off to you are doing all that you're doing with two little ones is beyond my comprehension.

Zog mom said...

Everything looks amazing! I expecially love the playroom. So inspired.

I would go with a matte black on the chandelier, but I have always loved that look, so that was a given for me. Whatever you choose, I know it will look wonderful.

Miss you!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Probably black for the chandelier. I think you've done a good job with all of your paitning. I need to paint two rooms, and I have a long way to go yet.

Happy Met Monday...


Sheila :-)

Rebekah@Red's Nest said...

That is a lot of painting. But it looks like it was worth it. It looks like a really cute house. The colors look beautiful. Now get some rest.

Kammy said...

Love all your colors and hard work ! I would paint light and medallion oil rubbed bronze in a heartbeat !

Phyllis @Around the House said...

The house is looking just great, I do love the play room and think your color choices are right on..

Anna K said...

You guys have done a great job. I know how much work it all is, especially with two little girls.

I have added you to my bloglines roll and can't wait to see the rooms all decorated (I hope you will be sharing those photos).

Take care

Sarah said...

I love your house! So jealous that you have an attic playroom...that will come in handy for sure! Great colors, all of them.

Moore Minutes said...

Ohh!! You are SO lucky to have that incredible playroom. I would love to have that. :) Super job on all your painting too...that is a lot of work.

PS Notice the similarities between your blog title and mine! ;)

Happy Met Monday!

Sheri said...

I think oil rubbed bronze would be great.

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