Friday, January 21, 2011


does setting (and sticking to) a financial budget make you want things more than you did before? i hope it's not just me. we've done a 'cash only' system for sticking to our budget for about a year now, give or take a few months. we've really seen the benefit of it- when you're out of cash, you stop spending. done. easy, yes? pretty much. we're not credit card crazed, so it's not as much about paying off debt as it is living within our means & finding ways to use our money wisely & generously.

i believe in this... i really really really do. in fact, i believe that more money & more things would not make me happier. i can easily be selfish & focused on what i want that i don't have. let's be clear- i have too much already, so there's nothing i should be whiny about. truly.

lately we've gotten back on the cash only track & are setting aside money to fix-up the girls' bathroom, i've been wanting things. i know that i want to see this goal through- pay for this remodel with cash & not overspend. i think it's a good goal for us right now- it will benefit us both now & when we have to sell this house down the road.
but holy cow!
every time i turn around i see something that i could fix up or make better or cuter or more comfortable with $50-$100. or $1000... whatever.
that would NOT help us save towards our goal.
(matt would say his goal is a new laptop... that's my next goal, i promise!)

so long introduction to what Greta says is cathartic for her...

Carriage House Chandelier
to replace the ugly fixture in our front hall that really bugs me.

Narrow 6 ft denim rug

6 foot Denim Rag Rug for my mudroom

Shown in Cocoa Stain
Farmhouse Table (mocha) that seats 10
this one isn't nearly as cool as the one my mom & i found at an antique mall last year... but i can't find the picture of it right now.

Printed Scattered Stripe Rug
for our family room

hmmm... i don't know if i feel like i don't want these things now or not. i was tempted to make a really long list & then find them all online somewhere, which probably isn't a good idea.