Sunday, December 13, 2009

set up for failure

i do this often... i set myself up for something big & then get myself too intimidated to follow-through. then i'm discouraged because i didn't complete my task or meet my goals so i don't even do a little bit- i drop it all together. ever happen to you? like a New Year's resolution to do something EVERY SINGLE DAY and then you didn't do it on January 4, so you drop it? (not that that's ever happened to me...)

so i wrote that big blog post about all the things i was going to blog about, and then i got tired at the thought of even following through with each one. then i didn't want to blog at all because i wasn't ready to write all those posts. but then i missed blogging & wanted to do it again. do i sound psychotic yet?

well, i am going to write some of those things, but only as the mood strikes me. because i can... because it's my blog! so HA! : )

thanks for putting up with me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

kind of important

so in all the madness of renovating our new home, packing our old home, actually moving into the new house & then traveling for Thanksgiving, i kind of forgot something important. thank you, anna, for reminding me!

matt doesn't have cancer. anymore. he did, but not now.

he had a CT about 3 weeks ago, then we went to see his oncologist (who i think is very funny, but is also crazy smart & apparently mean to nurses). he said everything looks good- blood work will be done every 3 months for a while, but no more CT's until November 2010.

sounds okay to me! i was prepared for bad news. as much as you can really prepare yourself, i was waiting for the words "metastasized" and "aggressive." i was thinking of my questions: how many rounds of chemo, what are the cure rates at this stage, why didn't it work the first time. i was trying to figure out how you encourage someone who has already been through the hell of chemotherapy that they can do it again... and then how to keep myself & our girls alive as we walked toward more of the same hell we had this summer. i was not prepared for good news.

that made the good news just that more exciting! so i have NO idea why i never mentioned it on Facebook or the blog or sent a mass e-mail... i was thrilled, i am thrilled. we don't want to go there again, and i'm unbelievably thankful that we're not headed that way.

thank you for asking... and caring and loving us and praying. we love you all right back!

Friday, December 4, 2009

so much has happened

there is absolutely NO way for me to recap the last 3 weeks in one blog post. seriously- packing, moving, thanksgiving, unpacking, cleaning, setting up house... it has been a CRAZY whirlwind kind of month for the Blazers! but i promise the following posts coming in the next few days: (okay, next few weeks... )

1. Pictures of the house as is... meaning, done renovating, but no where near done painting or unpacking or arranging furniture or decorating.

2. Lists of my favorite parts of the new house- what i love & why!

3. Pictures of my crazy kids & what they've been up to at the new house.

4. Explanation about why i'm stepping down from my position as nursery director at our church. bittersweet... but a good thing overall.

5. What is happening with our old house... not sold yet, FYI, but still on the market.

6. What i loved about Thanksgiving at my mother-in-law's house... more than just the gravy, Ginny!

7. Philosophical rant about Facebook... may not actually blog about this, but i have some seriously intense frustrations with how some people use FB. maybe i should just get over it.

8. Favorite things that my kids are saying these days... Julia still says "no" more than any other word. just to entice you: caroline says 'today is a poopy day. tomorrow will be a peepee day.'
alrighty then.

9. i almost forgot- i must make a list of all the things i learned about moving! i am seriously horrible at it, so if i don't write down what i learned now... well, my mommy & daddy will have to move me forever.

that's all i can think of right now... but thank you for your e-mails & phone calls & help & flowers & encouragement. we have the most amazing friends & family & community. we love you all!

had to have at least 1 picture... and i haven't uploaded any since this day that i took julia to our church office so i could work. i had at least 18 toys in the room with us, and this is what she chose to play with. sanitary, right?