Monday, April 26, 2010

a return to the blog...

... and other deep thoughts.

i really didn't intend to take 2 months off from blogging.
actually, i tried to upload pictures several weeks ago so i could write about what we've been up to. my camera & computer were having communication problems, so i gave up.
for 3 more weeks.

now i'm back!
and i'll apologize now to those of you who began following this blog because of the home decor/shelter blog aspects of it... that's really a small portion of my life, and will therefore be a small portion of my blog.
(i'll be really sad if you 'unfollow' me, but i'll understand.)

now my pictures are uploaded (HOORAY!) and i actually feel like writing again. so i will.

but where to begin?

first, i should possibly apologize to you sweet & talented ladies who write fabulous blogs about home decor & crafts & landscaping & interior design... i LOVE you & your blogs. seriously. i haven't abandoned your sites, and i've even been lurking here & there around the shelter bloggy world.
but you know what?
i'm seeing a trend in myself.
i like you & your blogs too much.
(here's where my husband is getting excited...)

i was spending too much time & energy (and probably $$, too, even though we've been budgeting pretty successfully for almost 8 months now) on

i know that's not what you advocate on your blogs. i see depth & love & balance in your lives- i am NOT accusing any bloggers of being shallow or superficial.
i'm just saying that's what i saw in myself.
i don't want my every spare thought to be focused on what project i'm doing next or how i'm going to change my mantle or buffet decor by the seasons.
i was getting there, and i'm stopping.

so i'm being a bit more selective in what i allow myself to peruse on the internet.

"... whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things."
philippians 4:8

while you are lovely & honorable women, i think God is asking me to focus on something other than myself & my home right now!

does that make sense?
i'll be around... but hopefully in a less selfish & self-gratifying way.


other things i want to blog about in the coming days:
1. caroline's 4th birthday (which was over a month ago!)
2. some landscaping stuff we have done (also over a month ago)
3. a "flylady update" (this little birdie fell for a while, but
i'm sticking with it.)

probably other things, too, but if i write a super long list of things to write about, i'll get overwhelmed & never do it!

i kind of hate that part of me- i wish i had boundless energy.
or good drugs- i hear steroids are helpful. : )

happy monday, friends.

happy girls...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


i will return again, i promise!

sometimes i think blogging runs along with certain.... cycles.
you understand?

of course you do.

i'll be back. and i've been taking pictures!