Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 Things

1. i haven't blogged about my first marathon yet... that was about 9 weeks ago. partly because i'm hoping to have pictures from my mom (which are mostly likely erased, but that's okay. i looked like a sweaty, weepy sausage in spandex- not pretty). and partly because i know most people don't really want to read about 26 miles of running.

2. i have often lately wanted to move somewhere where there are no people to deal with. i default to collapsing & being by myself when people frustrate or disappoint me. this is a good quality in a pastor's wife, yes? no. no it's not. (and if you're wondering if you are one of those people, it's not likely. it's the people who are right now saying, 'i'm never frustrating or disappointing!' yes- you are.) i realize this is blunt & mean. i also realize that i am equally disappointing & annoying & frustrating, in addition to judgmental. God's not done with me yet.

3. i decided to paint the ceiling in my kitchen the same color as the walls. i love the way it looks, but the ceiling also extends into the family room & mudroom. i will be painting for the next year. (pictures coming when my camera is fixed- never let your 4 year old play photographer with your only camera.)

4. we've been reading about sensory integration disorders to help julia lately, and i've decided that i have at least 2 of these disorders, if not more. and i've diagnosed all of my friends & their kids, too. just kidding about that. but not about me- i've definitely got issues.

5. i had a 5th thing, but caroline wants to make a chef's hat out of colored paper. i think i'll do that, because saying "no, mommy's blogging" isn't probably a 'good mommy' move.

happy thursday, friends. spring is coming... hold on.