Monday, November 2, 2009


caroline is one of those girls who doesn't just love to get dirty. she doesn't love playing in the dirt, she didn't like the beach because of the sand, and she doesn't want her princess clothes to get messy. have you noticed that she's wearing a tiara in all of these pictures? right. she's been wearing it SINCE MARCH. literally.
so s'mores were a hazardous venture for this little princess... but she was excited about trying it when she heard what they involved:
chocolate, marshmallow & graham crackers? and i get to stick them in the fire? awesome!

the first bite...

seems to be enjoying it- examining the interior of her treat.

hmmm- what's this?

another bite- see the delicate grasp she has on it? princess- all the way.

she notices a bit of marshmallow on her hand...
and she is not entirely pleased with this.

tries to wipe it off...

she is not happy anymore!

she whispered to me, "mommy, i'm all done."

baby wipes...

and we're happy again!


Anna said...

i absolutely love it! at least she tasted it! what a little princess though! hugs!

Anonymous said...

She couldn't be cuter and I love the way the photos capture her emotions. Too cute!

pk @ Room Remix

Kate Riley said...

Too too cute !