Monday, May 3, 2010

tuesday thoughts

yes... the tuesday thoughts are back. not that i was ever consistent with these random thought posts, but i would like to be.
and since i'm home today with a sick 4 year old, i have an extra minute to write!

to begin, i'll have to be honest:
i have not been keeping up with my flylady routines.
i know- i know. please don't unfriend me.

i have grasped something important from flylady's website, though, and i think it will help me.
please notice i say 'grasped,' not 'employed' or 'perfected,' nor even 'begun!')

the purpose of the baby steps and the slow layering of routines is so we don't get overwhelmed and quit!

i began too much at once (again), and i got bogged down.

now i start over- slowly.
here are the routines i have established pretty well:
sink stays clear & shiny most of the time
dishwasher runs every night, gets emptied every morning

ummm... that's really it.
i do a decent job of putting things where they need to go instead of piling them different places, but laundry & menu planning are still far from habits for me. in fact, they are more like those little monsters from the 'whack-a-mole' games. they keep popping back up after i whack them!
damn moles.

but i'll get it back in hand... part of my perfectionism is wrapped up in my schedule, which recently changed, and will change again in a few weeks when school & Bible Study are over for summer. i just have to stop- breathe- look at our new schedule & roll with it.



on another note, i'm finally framing pictures & hanging 'artwork' in other rooms! our house will look like a home at some point in the near future.
flylady recommends not getting out more 'project stuff' than you can complete & put away within one hour.

that is some good advice.

my dining room has been completely covered with frames, pictures, prints, paints & brushes for about 8 days.

while i don't mind eating in the family room as a treat, it has become a nuisance. goal today: find my dining room table!

so that means i should get to work, huh?

happy tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I've fallen off the flylady band wagon too! I'm trying this week. So far, so good. Only one more load of laundry today. That's a huge VICTORY!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

We could be the same person! I tend to get off track and my perfectionist tendencies will tell me it's not even worth doing if I can't do it perfectly.

I get too many projects out at once.

Erin said...

I'm so with you on starting the flylady routine over again., you go first! :)

Anna said...

i can totally identify. then again, i havent done much of anything over the past 10 days except nurse two infants and sleep! cant wait to get a handle on things know, in the next 5 years! want to see pictures of your pictures when youre done :) love and hugs!

msrevolution said...

yes! whack-a-mole! that is the most fitting image for the way life's tasks keep popping up again and again at an increasing speed...