Friday, June 3, 2011

Easter... a few months late

yes, i know it's June & Easter was in April. whatever- it's my blog & i want to put Easter pictures on it!
we didn't go for traditional Easter baskets this year- i made library tote bags for the girls & got pillow pets for them. seems like they liked them...

the chocolate bunny was disgusting- caroline didn't even eat much of it.
getting dressed! julia loved the slip and didn't want the dress on.

grandma outdid herself with lovely heirloom dresses for the girls- you can see why i panicked as they ran around the yard in them! these dresses are literally priceless.

thank you, grandma! we love them!

1 comment:

Greta said...

For crying out loud my girls have been asking for PILLOW PETS for months now. Can't I just draw a face on their existing pillows and call it a day?
Those dresses were beautiful. Treasure forever kind of beautiful. Does your grandmother adopt random children?